Schubert is a project dependency manager for portable R7RS Small Scheme libraries. It is open source released under AGPL license. It is named after Austrian composer Franz Schubert because thats most well known composer with sch in their name.

Plese note that Schubert is currently in alpha stage!

Dependency management

Schubert makes managing projects dependencies easy and simple. List of dependencies is kept in composition.scm file and they can be downloaded and installed in one command.

Project specific

Dependencies are installed in projects root folder under "schubert". Fixed versions ensure that no rugs are pulled under you.

Can be used locally

Local usage is possible for rapid development. Libraries can be installed to local cache and used by projects directly. This works out of the box.

Add your library to repository easily

Adding your own library to the repository is simple and made with familiar tools. After initial work, following releases of libary are automatically added to the repository.


Schubert is written in portable R7RS-small Scheme making it possible to run on any standard comforming implementation that supports SRFI 106 (Basic socket interface ) and 170 (POSIX API).

Cross platform

Schubert works on Unix based operation systems and Windows.